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Computing your BMI value is actually a statistical way of determining which percentage of your body weight is fat. The index was developed by the Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet in the mid-1800s. Today, it is still being used by doctors. Since then, the body mass index has been a proven indicator of imminent health risks for overweight and obese people

BMI values ​​for men

In 2010, an artic…

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Today's media generally present a false representation of the perfect figure of women. It has now become so far that the minimum healthy BMI value of 18.5 is considered by many women to be the perfect body weight. Under the influence of the media, many women therefore aim for a body weight that is not healthy.

The problem is that your body can not fully function at such low values. To be healthy,…

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Many older people get smaller, but keep a stable weight. This means that the BMI can increase significantly. Is this bad and is it necessary to lose weight?

You only need to lose weight if it's important for your own comfort and health. If your weight is normal then you do not have to lose weight. Even if your BMI approaches the top edge of the graph. Because people are shrinking once they gr…

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To gain insight into your own health, you can check your BMI. Perhaps it's an incentive for a positive change. 

With what methods we can identify health problems?

"BMI is a good initial screening tool to tell if you have a healthy weight. It gives you a fairly reliable indicator of your weight, but it is only a tool to estimate your own situation. And there are many other things that determin…

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Lowering your BMI can lead to a healthier life, but how do you do it in a healthy way? If you want to get the BMI score down losing weight is the solution. The way to do this is through a healthy diet and some exercise.


Extreme weight loss through crash diets or pills are not recommended by experts and can even put your health at risk. Half a kilo to a kilo a week is sensible.

Fasting or…

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of the best methods to discover if you are overweight. However, the calculation is not complete. Perhaps the mirror may be a better method to determine if you are overweight.

According to the BMI chart the healthy range is between 18.5 and 24.9. Anything above 25 is considered overweight, and if you're over 30 you are morbidly obese. If the BMI calculator gives back a…

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BMI has long been used in medicine and nutrition, but the value is increasingly questioned. If we look at obesity then it appears that the body and the composition of which are much more relevant than BMI.

In the early seventies it was found that fat was important for accurate measurement. This could be measured on the basis of a fold of skin or by body density measurements. BMI is calculated by d…

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It’s true that some people have bigger bones then others. Bigger bones of course weigh more, but the total weight of the bones in your body doesn’t make a huge difference if you have large bones or not. In fact the weigh of your bones does not differ much between people. How big and heavy your bones are mostly depend on your height. The BMI chart uses your body height to determine your…

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The question I have become thicker over the years, especially around my waist. My wife tells me loving me I look like Santa Claus beginning but my BMI is normal. If my BMI is normal, but I wear it more weight around my waist, should I worry?

The answer: Like you, most people use BMI to determine what is a normal weight. Our BMI is just one of the many measures that we use for weight. Actually it i…

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Research has shown that the best time to drink a cup of coffee is between half past ten and eleven thirty in the morning.

According to scientists, it's best to take a cup of coffee as the hormone cortisol in your body is low. By drinking coffee when cortisol levels are high, you can develop a caffeine tolerance.

The hormone cortisol stimulates alertness and controls the internal clock in the body.…

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If one partner much weight, can affect the relationship and not always positively. According to a study from North Carolina State University.

Lynsey Romo studied 21 couples an average of 38 years but with age was between 20 and 61. One of the partners in the last 2 years on average 27 kilograms fallen through surgery, diet or lifestyle changes.

Both partners completed separate questionnaires after…

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Many elderly are smaller, but keep a stable weight. This means that the BMI can rise significantly. Is this really and it is necessary to lose weight?

You just need to lose weight if you it is important for your own comfort and better health. If your weight is normal for then you do not lose weight. Even if your BMI is approaching the top of the graph.

Because people now once shrink as they get ol…

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You know your weight, but you do not know your BMI ? It is time! Start your weekend and measure your BMI. Knowing what your BMI is and what it is supposed to be can be important. It can encourage you to make lifestyle changes and, if necessary, to lower the BMI. See if you can lose weight if you exercise more. May also contribute a nutritious diet and make sure you get enough sleep. All these thin…

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"Fat makes you fat" is no more. Today the focus is on carbohydrates.

The new miracle diets come from America and include the low-carb diet, low GI diet, South Beach diet or the Atkins diet. These are diets where carbohydrates are hardly absorbed and where fat and protein are no problem.

Bread is one of the culprits, but also think about other foods such as potatoes, pasta, rice and even fruits and…

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Children copy their eating behavior to that of their peers. This is evident from the doctoral research of Kirsten Bevelander of the Radboud University Nijmegen.

The behavioral scientist investigated whether peers influence each other in choice of food (healthy or unhealthy) and food intake (many or few sweets). They did so with several experiments in children of primary school age in their own sch…

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Vegan diets are rising in popularity over the last tide, thanks to the example of celebrities who publicly renounce all animal products (Michelle Pfeiffer, Carrie Underwood, Russell Brand and Ozzy Osbourne, etc). There are in America even more vegan restaurant opened.

Books about veganism flying the closet. Think of "The Kind Diet" and "The Engine 2 Diet". The latter is about an investigation into…

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If a partner falls off much, it can affect the relationship, and not always in a positive way. According to a study from North Carolina State University.

Lynsey Romo studied 21 couples on average 38 years, but with age ranging from 20 to 61. One of the partners had in the past two years, an average of 27 kg of lost weight with the help of surgery, diet or lifestyle changes.

Both partners completed…

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