BMI Table

The BMI table along with height and weight is available below which you can reference yourself to measure how perfect your body is. The BMI table uses height and weight to determine the body fat a person has. BMI tables helps you find out under which category you fall in. One should strive to be in the normal weight category in the chart as this is the recommended health status.

The BMI calculation is universal and are following indications mostly for grown up men and women;


BMI below 18.5 : Interpreted as underweight
BMI ranging between 18.5-24.9 : is the ideal level. It means one is within the healthy weight
BMI ranging between 25-29.9 : is overweight
Then if the BMI falls to from 30 upwards, then you are obese and should take the necessary steps to get back to a healthy weight.

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BMI chart for women

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BMI chart for men

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BMI table

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