The BMI chart is a number that is calculated on the basis of your height and weight. The generated number is used to put your body weight into the picture. The result indicates whether you're well on weight or are just too fat or too thin. The outcome is a fact that has been made with respect to other people.

How to calculate the body mass index? The BMI is calculated by the following formula. The weight is divided by the square of the height. As an example we can take a person having a weight of 70 kg and a length of 175 cm. The calculation is then divided 70 by the multiplication of 175cm. The answer ......

There is underweight if the index indicates less than 18.5. The recommended weight we find values ​​between 18.6 and 24.9. There is talk of obesity in values ​​between 25.0 and 29.9. If there is an index greater than 30, then we call obesity.

This calculation applies to men, women and children. For the interpretation of the BMI for children is wise to read even our page on BMI and children.

The body mass index is used as a screening tool to identify possible health concerns. However, it is not a diagnostic instrument. Tests to determine whether someone is a health risk should always be performed by a medical specialist.

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BMI chart for men

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