The paleo diet is a look behind the scenes of our forefathers. Long story short - the bottom line is that you are going to eat more natural foods as you do now. Our body is here because on set, but in the era in which we now live, you can get food on every street corner. It is wise to calculate your BMI before you go on a diet.

And our food shelf life we ​​throw a lot of junk in. Not so good ... Like the sugars, salt and carbohydrates are in our processed foods and where the majority of Dutch people with eating packed every day.

And no, I do not just mean the chips, cookies and desserts. But also the things that a lot of people are unaware that it is "bad" for you.

The result is a growing group of Dutch with (heavily) overweight. The paleo diet can make a difference!

The paleo diet goes back to the time of our paleo ancestors, and the thought that these people were probably not quite so crazy. They knew that their body functions best when they ate food that was not processed.

Actually she did not know better, because this food was not available for them.

They ate, what we should eat as humans being of mother nature.

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BMI chart for men

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