The hormone balance diet is sought balance in your hormone levels. Balancing hormone levels is the secret to losing weight, sleep well, creating more energy and reducing stress. Experts here have long been studied and have come to this conclusion.

The hormone balance diet starts the three steps with a six-week program, which are foods within two weeks removed from the body, which are the main causes of allergic, inflammatory and migraine.

You can expect the first two weeks to lose between 4 to 12 kilos. This also applies to moisture loss. In the following weeks there will be weekly average of two kilos of its weight, which is comparable to the average diets. The second step will advise you to slowly reduce the intake of foods which should be observed for signs of tolerance. In other words, how far can condition your body to this before detectable signals. In the third step out yoga, cardio and weight training exercises on the agenda, for strength, vitality and emotional balance.

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