The blood type diet is a diet that is designed to improve digestion, and to promote weight loss.

The result is totally dependent on your blood type. There are four different types of blood groups and on this basis is selected which diet you should follow. To follow the blood type diet, you first need to know what type of blood you have. This can be O, A, B or AB. This diet will help you to find the natural rhythm back and thus it is possible to lose weight. It might be wise to first check your BMI chart before you start this diet. Your bmi Therefore, go quickly to the BMI calculator.

There are many foods that you should avoid. When you follow the blood type diet, it is important that you avoid certain foods to keep losing. Enough weight

  • People with blood type O should avoid wheat, beans, corn, white beans, cabbage, lentils, cauliflower, sprouts, avocados, oranges and mustard.
  • People with blood type A have no dairy, meat, kidney beans, lima beans and wheat food.
  • People with blood type B has no peanuts, seeds, wheat, lentils, sesame and buckwheat food.
  • Avoid people with blood type AB, red meat, lima beans, corn, beans, seeds and buckwheat.

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BMI chart for men

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