GI stands for Glycemic Index. The GI value indicates the speed at which you digest food and converts it into glucose, deenergiebron of your body. Foods with a low GI, slowly and evenly broken down in your digestive system. So you keep a longer feel full! Want to lose weight, then you would particularly foods with a low GI food in conjunction with a low calorie, ie sugar and very little fat. It is healthy for everyone, so the whole family can participate, you do not have to cook separately!

In contrast to the popular Atkins diet, wherein the carbohydrate intake is minimized, taking a low GI diet distinction between the types of carbohydrates. It avoids foods with a high GI such as white bread and concentrated sugars that are absorbed quickly, insulin and glucose levels increase. Instead, emphasis is placed on carbohydrates that are slowly released into the body, such as whole grains, most fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.

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