The bread diet was in the eighties and nineties, a popular diet to quickly loose a few pounds. The bread diet is in fact simple and effective. It is therefore strange that the bread diet a bit in the oblivion. 

In the eighties, the bread diet was a revolutionary diet. More than two million people used the bread diet to lose weight. The bread diet was hugely popular for years, until it got a little into oblivion. Under the name "bread diet change 'the Food Centre Bread diet relaunched.

The bread diet was introduced in 1984 by the Dutch physician Dr.. CM Fox. The diet is a diet change. The base of the bread diet is that you eat only bread for the day with this water, coffee or tea. On the other days you may eat normally. Even a snack is allowed. The idea is that in this way, the pancreas is trained. No more excess insulin produced.

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