The New Atkins diet is based on the proven effective principles of Atkins: You eat products with protein and fiber to ensure an adequate saturation.

Science has always been the basis of the Atkins diet. Robert C. Atkins had in the Journal of the American Medical Association several articles and research studies on low-carbohydrate diet. He became enthusiastic about the results in 1972 and designed his own low carb approach.

During his work, he saw a lot of overweight people and the rest of America was gradually becoming thicker. He found that a healthy diet with fewer carbohydrates was also effective among his patients. They were successful, and a lot of health problems caused by obesity, disappeared. As a result, the power supply of Atkins approach arise.

Please enter your weight into the BMI calculator and so you can instantly calculate your BMI and check your progress.

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BMI chart for women

bmi chart for men

BMI chart for men

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BMI table

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