Despite what you see in some diet books and TV programs, healthy eating can be really very simple. It is important that you get all the nutrients you need. That is more than you might think at first. When it comes to a healthy diet is balance the key to success.

Eat a varied and in the proper ratio to achieve a healthy body weight and maintain. Most adults are overweight or obese. This means that our food more than we need many. And it's not just the food: because excessive drinking is also a high number of calories.

Look below and immerse yourself in the various diets out there.

The BMI chart is regarded as a reliable indicator of the body weight. The body mass index is one of the means to calculate whether someone is overweight or suffering from obesity. Fifteen percent of the people has to do with being overweight or at risk of overweight. Even a small weight loss (just 5 to 10 percent of your current weight) will help to reduce your risk. Developing these diseases

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BMI chart for women

bmi chart for men

BMI chart for men

bmi table

BMI table

bmi women

Bmi calculator