A Body Shape Index


A Body Shape Index, also known as ABSI is somewhat like the Body Mass Index. But ABSI uses not only your height and weight, but also your age, gender and waist circumference. The last one is, the waist circumference, is known to indicate a health risk factor. Therefor ABSI is complementary to BMI and to other known health risk factors. An ABSI of 1 means you are at moderate health risk. Every 0,1 lower or higher means less or higher health risk.

Have you always wanted to know how high your body fat percentage is about? With this calculator you can calculate.

You need to fill in your body weight, gender and size of your waist. The result is an approximation of your actual percentage. Skinfold measurements are much more precise. The device is based on a standard body. If your fat is in proportion to your midsection, then the result is higher than your actual body fat percentage.

Aside trained men have about 8 percent fat, toned women 14. The makers have relied on a formula that they found in The Body Fat Guide Ron Brown.

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