You see the words and BMI and Body Mass Index coming back, but what is the concept? BMI or Body Mass Index is a number that is calculated based on the height and weight of a person. Through this index, a statement can be made about the health of a person. In general, the BMI chart is also seen as a reliable way of measuring.

Through the Body mass index is not measured body fat, but it gives opportunities to share and link to health problems. Weight classes BMI is used to be able to bring. Health problems in image In addition, BMI is a simple method to perform and you can just run this at home. It is thus made ​​easy for you to compare the values ​​of others. Your own weight

Other methods to measure body weight are the thicknesses of skinfolds, Body Shape index, underwater weighing, etc. The disadvantage of these methods is that you can not perform. Really simple Additionally, there are often significant costs involved and they must be carried out by specialized medical personnel.

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BMI chart for women

bmi chart for men

BMI chart for men

bmi table

BMI table

bmi women

Bmi calculator