Children who are already are overweight at an early age  are more likely to have a higher bloodpressure and other future heart problems.

If children are in the growth, they are generally thinner. Then, at some point they come to the point that the body weight increases faster than they grow and at this point the BMI increases. This is called the adiposity rebound. The adiposity rebound usually occurs around the age of 4 to 6 years.

Some studies suggest that children that face overweight at that age are more likely to be obese at an older age. Researchers from the University Mibu, Japan have 271 children followed for one year. The length and the weight of the children was measured at least once a year by means of health checks, and physical examinations. The sooner the adiposity rebound was reached, the heavier the children were at the age of 12.

The investigation concluded that doctors should keep track of a child's BMI and that it should be checked whether the child tends to obesity. Measuere the BMI of your child through the BMI Chart.


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