Relying solely on the BMI chart in the assessment of child obesity creates inaccurate estimates. This news was recently published in the journal "Public Health".

The study, led by Dr. Claire Griffiths has focused on childhood obesity. We looked at the waist BMI, abdominal circumference and waist-height ratio. Dr. Griffiths commented: "The BMI calculator is a useful method, however, may be better and more convenient to use a combination of BMI and waist circumference This is also recommended for adults Children seem to be getting thicker and if extra fat present then... this is worn around the waist. The latter can not be detected only by BMI chart.

The most shocking fact from the study is that by the time children reach the age of 15 to 16 years 25 percent of girls in the neighborhood is overweight. It is a waist circumference of 80 centimeters. Ten percent of the girls come around this age near diagnosed with "obesity". It is a waist circumference of 88 centimeters.


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