Recently, there has been found a link between people with high BMI or a large waist circumference and the increased risk of hearing loss. Healthy and sporting life is associated with a low risk of poor hearing, hearing loss. So it comes down to is that it is wise to move enough, keep your bmi low and thus avoid the risk of hearing loss.

The study was conducted by American scientists. They believe that hearing loss is an inevitable part of aging. The research shows that there are potential risks that can reduce by maintaining a healthy weight and keep moving.

Moving seems to reduce the risk of hearing loss. Women who have an average of two hours a week walking get average 15 percent less often to do with hearing loss. This in contrast to women who do not walk.

For the study, almost 70,000 women due between 1989 and 2009. Women with a BMI between 30 and 34 had a 17 percent higher risk of hearing loss than women with a BMI less than 25. Calculate your BMI. In women with a body mass index greater than 40, the risk was even 40 percent greater. Belly size also plays a role.

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