For people with chronic low back pain, the body mass index (BMI) were not significantly associated with self-reported pain and disability. There is no direct link between BMI and back pain according to a recently published study in the journal "Spine".

Cristy Brooks, of the University of Western Sydney analyzed changes on the basis of self-reported pain and disability among 128 men and women with chronic low back pain. This happened during the eight weeks of training, consisting of 3-5 sessions per week.

The researchers found that there is no relation between the BMI chart and self-reported pain and disability. No change was measured in pain and invadiliteit at a too high BMI. In addition, it was also not possible, on the basis of the BMI to predict pain.

"Reliance on BMI as the only measure of obesity in chronic low back pain study" can be justified, "the authors write.

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