In the morning I wake up nice and fresh. Of course it makes a big difference that I haven't had a drink last night. Fresh and fruity I get out and bed.  The children have to go to school and I am going to eat something that at first glance looks very dirty. It's gray buth it also has some strawberries in it. It's called a Chia pudding. It's terrible, I will never eat this again. At noon I eat an Apricot quinoa and that is actually quite delicious. In terms of carbohydrates, I think this is not quite okay, but well there will be a plan behind it.

During the day I forget snacks because I have appointments for work. I'm not hungry so that's okay. The weather is great today so I cycled for an hour on my racing bike. Lovely in the sun!

Because the children have now returned from school and my wife is home late, I have to make a quick low-carbohydrate dish in the evening and that goes well. Minced meat, endive, cheese, onion and bell pepper in an oven dish with coconut milk. Fine, but I can notice that this contains less carbohydrates than in the sweet potato dish yesterday.

My wife goes to the gym and I actually wanted to do Tae bo, but I have no energy at all. So I skip it and go to work for a while. Halfway through the work I put on a new film. Bumblebee, a Transformers movie that looks good. Halfway through the movie I turn it off and go to bed. I have not felt the need for alcohol again. Actually, I didn't even think about it. This is not so bad for me.

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