It's time. Today I started my diet. My wife is going to do it too. Well, in terms of kilos, I need it a bit more than she does, but our lifestyle could be better. At the moment we eat too many tasty things and drink too much alcohol.

My lifestyle

In the morning we start the day with a cup of coffee with a few tasty sandwiches with jam, chocolate spread and sprinkles. During the day we actually eat reasonably healthy, but of course a dessert with dinner. Also with sprinkles… ..

In the evening, however, things go very wrong. During the holidays we developed a rhythm in which we combine tasty beers with brie, cheese and other tasty things. At the moment I drink an average of 3 beers in an evening and sometimes I also drink a glass of wine. Nice, but now we do this almost every evening and I am disappointed. For a number of weeks I have already decided that I will stop, but every night it goes wrong again. It also seems like some sort of reward at the end of the day. I am tired and now I have earned a treat.

The diet was downloaded from the site of a weight loss expert. We have received two weekly menus. My first impression is that it is very similar to a keto diet like Atkins or Dukan, but the nuance is that this seems a bit healthier. Less meat, less cheese and more healthy things like kinoa.

My starting weight

I weighed myself and I am 85 pounds. My height is 1 meter and 83 centimeters, which brings my BMI to 25.5. That means I just ended up in the "overweight" category. Bummer !!! In addition, I have a waist circumference of 102 centimeters. My chest circumference is 105 centimeters. My arm circumference is 32.5 centimeters. I mention the latter because I will also become more active with fitness again.

The first day was quite okay food wise. For breakfast a fried egg with many vegetables in it and for lunch a salad with shrimp. For dinner a meatball, endive and sweet potato. A stew, who would have thought. Stew while on a diet. In terms of carbohydrates, I don't think the sweet potato is quite right.

I also worked out. First fitness for an hour and then a small 4 kilometer run. It went pretty well. In the evening I actually did not miss the alcohol. Watched a movie about the founder of McDonalds. Hmm, strange choice.

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