Many older people get smaller, but keep a stable weight. This means that the BMI can increase significantly. Is this bad and is it necessary to lose weight?

You only need to lose weight if it's important for your own comfort and health. If your weight is normal then you do not have to lose weight. Even if your BMI approaches the top edge of the graph. Because people are shrinking once they grow older, it's normal for your BMI to rise slightly. The normal BMI values ​​are therefore slightly higher for the elderly than for younger people.

BMI is calculated by dividing the weight by the length in the square. That means your length and weight are measured without taking into account other factors. So, although BMI applies to the vast majority of people, it does not apply. In the end, it's just a number that says something about where you are on the scale relative to the average normal values.

If you are in doubt about your weight, it is wise to look in the mirror and measure your waist size. A waist size of more than 80 centimeters is not healthy and in that case you tend to overweight. In these cases, you may want to consult your doctor.

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