Lowering your BMI can lead to a healthier life, but how do you do it in a healthy way? If you want to get the BMI score down losing weight is the solution. The way to do this is through a healthy diet and some exercise.


Extreme weight loss through crash diets or pills are not recommended by experts and can even put your health at risk. Half a kilo to a kilo a week is sensible.

Fasting or a strict diet is not the answer when it comes to weight loss. Lowering your calories is not always the solution, because it can slow down your metabolism. Just a little cut down on calories in general seems to be the solution.

Always remember that a women need at least 1200 calories and men 1,500 calories needed per day.

Cut down on sugar

A good tip is to cut down on sugar because sugar has no nutritional value and there you can loose fat quickly. Eat fresh vegetables, proteins, low-fat dairy products, fruits and whole grains.

Sports and exercise

The general view is that 30 minutes of exercise is good for health. If you want to lose weight it is better to exercise more than 30 minutes. Always make sure that these are activities that increase your heart rate and do this twice a week.

Building muscle helps you lose weight because it burns more calories than fat and they also speed up your metabolism. Enter therefore especially exercises that address the major muscle groups such as legs, buttocks, abdominals, back and arms.

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