The question I have become thicker over the years, especially around my waist. My wife tells me loving me I look like Santa Claus beginning but my BMI is normal. If my BMI is normal, but I wear it more weight around my waist, should I worry?

The answer: Like you, most people use BMI to determine what is a normal weight. Our BMI is just one of the many measures that we use for weight. Actually it is not the best indicator of health. BMI calculator do by dividing your weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. The problem of BMI is that it does not distinguish between muscle mass and fat.

For this reason healthy people with lots of muscle mass and low body fat often have a high BMI and they are categorized as unhealthy. There are also those with low muscle mass and high body fat percentage. They are incorrectly classified as healthy side.
A normal waist circumference in men must be less than 102 cm. In women, this should be less than 88 cm. If you're over here you have an unhealthy weight, regardless of BMI that appears.

Reducing the fat around your waist is the best gift you can give yourself. So work to change this by making positive lifestyle changes such as diet or extra exercise.

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BMI chart for women

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BMI chart for men

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BMI table

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