Research has shown that the best time to drink a cup of coffee is between half past ten and eleven thirty in the morning.

According to scientists, it's best to take a cup of coffee as the hormone cortisol in your body is low. By drinking coffee when cortisol levels are high, you can develop a caffeine tolerance.

The hormone cortisol stimulates alertness and controls the internal clock in the body. Naturally the cortisol level is high after waking up and can remain high until after an hour, with a peak between eight and nine o'clock in the morning.

According to the American scientist Steven Miller is therefore better to pass after these hormone cortisol peak of coffee. If you drink coffee while your cortisol level is high, you will need strong coffee to get the same effect.

Also coffee between twelve and one o'clock and half past five and six thirty in the evening is of little use, because it is higher cortisol levels in the blood and you are naturally more alert.

So I'm so immediately take a cup of coffee!

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