Many elderly are smaller, but keep a stable weight. This means that the BMI can rise significantly. Is this really and it is necessary to lose weight?

You just need to lose weight if you it is important for your own comfort and better health. If your weight is normal for then you do not lose weight. Even if your BMI is approaching the top of the graph.

Because people now once shrink as they get older, it is normal that your BMI rises slightly. The normal BMI values for the elderly are therefore slightly higher than for younger people.

BMI is calculated by dividing the weight by the height in meters squared. That means that your height and weight are measured without taking account of other factors.

Thus, although BMI chart is applicable to the vast majority of the people it is not to apply. You must BMI actually with a grain of salt. Ultimately, it is simply a number that says something about where you are on the scale compared to the average normal values.

If you are unsure about your weight it is wise to look in the mirror and measure your waist size. A waist circumference greater than 80 inches is not healthy and in that case you tend to overweight. In these cases, it might be wise to contact your doctor.

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