"Fat makes you fat" is no more. Today the focus is on carbohydrates.

The new miracle diets come from America and include the low-carb diet, low GI diet, South Beach diet or the Atkins diet. These are diets where carbohydrates are hardly absorbed and where fat and protein are no problem.

Bread is one of the culprits, but also think about other foods such as potatoes, pasta, rice and even fruits and vegetables.

The chemical elementary building block of carbohydrate is glucose - a so-called sugar molecule. Glucose provides energy for the brains and muscles. If, however, the human being much glucose (more than 500 grams per day) is given within the glucose is converted to fat.

Some of the above diets swear by the glycemic index as an effective means of losing weight. The glycemic index refers to blood sugar.
The body responds to the rise in blood glucose levels with insulin secretion. Insulin also allows for the transport of carbohydrates into the cells, but inhibits parallel fat burning. The glycemic index recommends foods with a low glycemic index, such as fruits and whole grains. She slowly available carbohydrates that contain only moderately raise blood sugar.

So you do not get as quick draw!

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