The term body mass index we can find in our history in the 19th century. At the time, however, it is renamed, namely the Quetelet Index. In the 20th century (1972) the term BMI was introduced by Ancel Keys. Ancel Keys introduced the BMI chart to determine fat percentage and the ratio between height and weight. At the time, the body mass index was seen as the best way to bring this relationship. Sc…

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The BMI chart refers to the relationship in length and weight. Thus determines how healthy a person is. It is not that the health risk is accomplished by calculating body mass index into view. Single The shape of the body is also an important indicator.

The body shapes of overweight people can be quite different from each other. Many people will be the terms pear shaped and apple-shaped recognize.…

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You see the words and BMI and Body Mass Index coming back, but what is the concept? BMI or Body Mass Index is a number that is calculated based on the height and weight of a person. Through this index, a statement can be made about the health of a person. In general, the BMI chart is also seen as a reliable way of measuring.

Through the Body mass index is not measured body fat, but it gives opport…

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